Let’s Go Out With a Bang

Go Out With a Bang!
5:30-7:30 PM

Tonight at the 5:30 Class Jess and Kris will be co-coaching and joining the class in the final workout of the day. Scott Bruxvoort with Price of a Hug, which is a Non-profit Content Generation Company, will be there to take photos and help us celebrate a good-bye. Afterwards, we invite everyone to hangout and have a drink with us at the A-Frame as we “cool down” one last time. Wow, we are going to miss this place!!!

Raccoon River 5k
This Saturday @ 10:00 AM

Weather: 79 degrees, partly cloudy

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This is our spring benchmark test for the 5K Run. You can attend the 8:30 AM class @ CFVJ (Valley Junciton) and head over for a 5K Run! Bring a friend or relative if you’d like, but this is meant to be a good effort. Meaning you can chat with someone while you run if you WANT, but if you want to measure your progress this summer then maybe do that before and after the run and focus on running your best.
Help Thursday and Friday
1:00 – 7:00 PM

We need at least one trailer and one or two trucks. The trailer will be used to take the walls to the storage trailer. The plan is to haul out all of the equipment into storage on Thursday including the rig. The floor mats might be the last project we do, and potentially do that on Friday depending on how much we get done. I will likely be working on moving some of this between 1:00 PM – 7:00 PM (or later) both days. It may be as simple as you showing up, maybe disassembling something, cleaning something, or moving equipment outside, or into a trailer/truck, or riding down a block away to the storage trailer and loading that up… lots of moving things, you’ve done that here before haven’t you? (:
Equipment Rental Program

See full details here

Reminder: We are more than happy to rent out equipment during this time, or any time in the future. We have created a new equipment rental program for whatever reason you might need to borrow it. You can share this program with your friends and family, use it to help someone else, show your roommate a thing or two, or rent it for a weekend get-away. It’s here if you need it! Nothing is off limits! See details and pricing by clicking the link above.