Equipment Rental Program

Over the years we have had members show interest in acquiring equipment that they would like to use for a short period of time, to travel with, or even to invest in to build out their own home gym usage. During quarantine we gave out EVERY piece of equipment that would fit through the doors. And people used it and very much appreciated it!

Our goal is to serve those needs anytime you need it. Whether you are wanting to work out with some friends or build a challenge for your family at home, create a custom outdoor WOD, train for a Rowathon, go on vacation, or just workout using our At Home Programming while you recover from a mild illness or on an extended stay for whatever reason! We’d also like to purchase some of the new equipment that is on our WANT list so that all members can enjoy the new stimulus that awaits!

Behold, the Athlete EquipmentRental Program. All items can be rented out for 24 hours, a week, a month, or even permanently purchased from CrossFit WDM! Below is a common list of frequently wanted equipment. “A la cart”.

Bands and PVC’s ($1/day, $4/week, $10/mo)

Foam Rollers and Recovery Tools ($1/day, $4/week, $10/mo)  

Rings ($2/day, $8/week, $20/mo)

Jump Ropes ($2/day, $8/week, $20/mo)

Weight Vests ($3/day, $12/week, $25/mo)

Sleds ($4/day, $15/week, $40/mo)

Bikes ($15/day, $40/week, $100/mo)

Rowers ($15/day, $40/week, $100/mo)

The Bemer ($25/day, $100/week, $225/mo)

Barbells and Bumpers ($.05/lb/day, $.20/lb/week, $.50/lb/month)  

Kettlebells ($.08/lb/day, $.30/lb/week, $.70/lb/month)

Dumbbells ($.08/lb/day, $.30/lb/week, $.70/lb/month)

Medicine Balls ($.08/lb/day, $.30/lb/week, $.70/lb/month)

We can also deliver/pick-up equipment within a 10 mile radius for $19.50 each way. Weekends are 30% off! Bulk discounts available, 5 items save 20%, 10+ items save 30%. If we have intentions to use the equipment within the time frame elected CFWDM classes and events will have first rights, we will explain this is the case. The sooner we know you need it the sooner we can guarantee it’s availability for you! 

Any damaged or uncleaned items will have a fee associated with it. Uncleaned equipment will have a $5 per item fee. Minor damage (still safely usable without long term effects) will cost 5% of equipment’s new replacement value. Surface damage (aesthetic) will be 10% of equipment’s new replacement value unless fully repaired by the athlete. Major damage (unsafe, ruined, lost or stolen) will be 80-100% of equipment’s new replacement value, depending on the condition it was rented in.