The Games, Property Hunt, and New App

The 2021 CrossFit Games
Hope you have had some time to check out the CrossFit games. If you haven’t, click the link below to be taken to their youtube page. Des Moines very own, Mal O’Brien has won 1 out of 4 events and currently in 10th place! There is talk of a watch party this Sunday!

2021 No Bull CrossFit Games Leaderboard <– take a peak, submit your top 3 entries.

CrossFit Games Youtube Channel <– where you can view LIVE and previous events!

CHALLENGE: Due by Friday 5:00 PM. Reply to this email to submit your top 3 picks on who you think will win the 2021 CrossFit Games of Guys and Girls to try having better guesses then the Lily and the Dahlen Family. 30 points for 1st place guess. 20 points for 2nd place. 10 points for 3rd place. So 6 opportunities to score with a total 120 possible points. Good luck!

The Property Hunt
No updates on lease space. Last week worked on re-identifying our target area and broadened the search which includes a few locations that we are confirming usable at the moment. From what I have heard, the summer is a tough market because business usually shifts in spring and fall, but we are being patient and trusting the process. We also don’t want to force a tough hand. Parking has actually been a limiting factor on a couple of locations and prior to this search I never realized how wonderful our parking lot was set up!

Download Wodify Client
The legacy app (black and white) is scheduled to deactivate at the end of the month so please download your new app right away!


Google Play:

Let me know if you have any questions. All of your athlete data, billing info, waivers, etc will already be available in new app. More then anything it’s just a new interface. 

With love,