November Covid-19 Update

Coaches and Athletes,

We want to help everyone the best we can. After review of the new proclamation it states that fitness centers may remain open under conditions. Short answer, we are staying Open, read further on changes we are inputting. The condition that raises the most concern is the term “all group fitness activities prohibited”. We have a cap on our classes for a reason and it is to primarily ensure the distance between athletes is adequate and the equipment being used is yours only. We are keeping it under 15 people as well. There are times during pull up bar transitions, moving around the room for plates and other equipment, or walking to a hspu/wall ball spot where 6 feet gets breached, please be mindful of using the aisles and not cutting through squares during those times and others like it.

It states that masks are not required for “any person engaged in physical exercise.”

CrossFit is a lifestyle. The workouts, the mindset, the nutrition, the community. By having a fitness center inspired by CrossFit we are actively trying to make the community healthier and more prepared to physically and mentally fight through tough times. Here’s the thing, if they will let fitness centers stay open but require the 6 foot social distancing and enhanced cleaning procedures then we are already following the proclamations guidelines and I’m going to make the following changes.

  • Coaches will begin wearing face coverings as they walk around the room, coach individuals during a class setting, or 1-on-1 coaching setting. If their heart rate is elevated or is delivering an educational presentation then the mask may be removed but a 6′ distance is suggested for both coach and athlete safety.
  • Athletes are NOT required to wear face coverings during activity, but may do so as they see fit. Athletes are encouraged but not required to wear face masks upon entering and leaving the gym. You may walk in and go straight to your “square”, or practice social distancing in the front area the best you can.
  • Coaches are encouraged to end each class in a timely manner to ensure athlete spaces are clear and clean before next class begins. As well as provide fresh sanitation water.
  • Continue to sanitize and wash your hands. Clean equipment generously per our sanitation guidelines after each use. And avoid fist bumping and high fiving if you can help it!
  • As always, if you are showing symptoms (increased temperature, shortness of breath, nauseasness, etc) or someone in your direct family has tested positive for COVID-19 then take precautions. I.E. wear masks, stay home, social distance, get tested to be sure.

Tough times y’all but I’m gonna fight the fight with you.

Here’s what else we have going on.

We are going to remind you that the workouts on @ home programming are still available to every paying member. Use this if you don’t get access to a class during the day or need to self-quarantine. It is a great program that encourages a great sweat and if you have a pair of dumbbells/Kb’s or the like then you can get your swole on too. You can view previous workouts over the last 5 months and repeat them as often as you want too if you find a good one!

We also have a series of digital yoga sessions being released that you will be able to access as a part of your membership starting next week. These will be great ways to stay recovered while increasing your range of motion.

Open gym is another great option to get an effective workout in between classes. See our open gym policy.

Do your part. Keep practicing optimal health and nutrition choices. Keep thinking long term and don’t let staying at home effect your happiness and health. Stay active! Let us know what we can do to help you. We will be rolling out some fitness and nutrition challenges so stay tuned.

Kris Gregory