March Calorie Challenge

33 Members measured their effort on the bike, rower, and ski erg over the course of the month to rack up as many calories as possible. Closing in on a goal of 3,500, 7,000, or an aggressive 10,500 calories.. 1 lb, 2 lb, 3 lb’s worth.

We challenged you all to log this on the whiteboard as an ongoing challenge to promote extra cardio as some baseline accessory work. We have some recognizable achievements that we think you should hear to men and women who tallied up the most this month… are they someone who is usually in your class? Give em’ a pat on the back!

We also brought a new idea to March with the 50/50 Raffle Challenge! Anyone who bought a ticket for $5 would be entered into a “split the pot”. For every Calorie you burned on the challenge you received an entry. The winner of the drawing at the end of the month receives 50% of the players pool of cash while the other 50% goes directly towards our Equipment Fund!

Last, was the Guy’s vs. Girls challenge. That’s right, we threw down the gauntlet and love a little friendly competition to make things interesting. We also have the community total listed below! Thank you all for participating. Don’t forget, this month we have prizes associated with the referral challenge! Be sure to drop our name and an invite to someone you know or is seeking an alternative to their fitness routine, want to become more physically fit to pursue life, or want to feel empowered by safely developing new skills. I know I was extremely grateful that somebody introduced me to CrossFit. Who will you invite to try it??

Results of the Calorie Challenge

You won’t believe what this challenge provoked in one of our team captains of the CFWDM 2021 Open… (mind blown emoji)

50/50 Raffle.
$20 Total Purse
Winner – $10 – Kris Gregory

TOTAL Community Calorie
33 Members
14 Ladies
19 Men
Calories = 45,252
Convert into Pounds = 12.93

Ladies vs. Fellas:
Ladies = 13,605
Fellas = 31,647

And for the final announcement of the grand total… who not only led his team “WOD We Get Into” to a dominating win in this year’s Team Open… but also ended the month (March 31st) with a proper MARATHON ROW Send off. Marathon Row = 42,195 meters (~3.5 Hours)

1st Place for Calorie Challenge
Nathan Dahlen 
8,898 Calories
2.54 lbs

Other honorable mentions:

1 Lb Goal:
Kris Gregory 4,972
Mandy Dahlen 3,548
Andy Rowland 3,500
Travis Hansen 3,500
Ben Onsrud 3,500

Top 3 Ladies:
Mandy Dahlen 3,548
Shelly Berkoski 2,348
Lily Dahlen 1,136