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  • Let's Go Out With a Bang

    Let's Go Out With a Bang

    Go Out With a Bang! 5:30-7:30 PM Tonight at the 5:30 Class Jess and Kris will be co-coaching and joining the class in the final workout of the day. Scott Bruxvoort with Price of a Hug, which is a Non-profit Content Generation Company,will be there to take photos and help us celebrate a good-bye. Afterwards, we invite everyone to hangout and have a drink with us at the A-Frame as we "cool down" one last time. Wow, we are going to miss this place!!! Raccoon River 5k This Saturday@ 10:00 AM Weather: 79 degrees, partly cloudy Click here to be taken to our Athlete Waiver This is our spring benchmark test for the 5K Run. You can attend the 8:30 AM class@ ....

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  • Equipment Rental Program

    Equipment Rental Program

    Over the years we have had members show interest in acquiring equipment that they would like to use for a short period of time, to travel with, or even to invest in to build out their own home gym usage. During quarantine we gave out EVERY piece of equipment that would fit through the doors. And people used it and very much appreciated it! Our goal is to serve those needs anytime you need it. Whether you are wanting to work out with some friends or build a challengefor your family at home, create a custom outdoor WOD, train fora Rowathon, go on vacation, or just workout using our At Home Programming while you recover from a mild illness or on an extended stay for whatever reason! ....

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  • March Calorie Challenge

    The March Calorie Challenge Has Concluded 33 Members measured their effort on the bike, rower, and ski erg over the course of the month to rack up as many calories as possible. Closing in on a goal of 3,500, 7,000, or an aggressive 10,500 calories.. 1 lb, 2 lb, 3 lb’s worth. We challenged you all to log this on the whiteboard as an ongoing challenge to promote extra cardio as some baseline accessory work. We have some recognizable achievements that we think you should hear to men and women who tallied up the most this month… are they someone who is usually in your class? Give em’ a pat on the back! We also brought a new idea to March with the 50/50 ....

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  • November Covid-19 Update

    November Covid-19 Update

    Coaches and Athletes, We want to help everyone the best we can. After review of the new proclamation it states that fitness centers may remain open under conditions. Short answer, we are staying Open, read further on changes we are inputting.The conditionthat raises the most concern is the term "all group fitness activities prohibited". We have a cap on our classes for a reason and it is to primarily ensure the distance between athletes is adequate and the equipment being used is yours only. We are keeping it under 15 people as well. There are times during pull up bar transitions, moving around the room for plates and other equipment, or walking to a hspu/wall ball spot where 6 ....

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  • November Newsletter

    There has been changes made to the Wodify Class Reservations system. Please read full disclosure and reach out to Kris with any questions - Please refer to this link Please join us in WELCOMING NEW ATHLETES to the CFWDM COMMUNITY! Austin VanBalen Travis Hansen Mallory Reece Julie Miotti Emily Collins Derek Hertges Ben Field OCTOBER - MONTHLY CHALLENGE - CONGRATULATIONS TO GREG RODRIGUE FOR GETTING THE MOST WALL-BALLSFOR THE MONTH OF OCTOBER! WE WILL HOLD OFF ON A MONTHLY CHALLENGE FOR THE MONTH OF NOVEMBER! WE WILL PICK UP IN DECEMBER. WE ARE LAUNCHING COMPETITION ....

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  • Updates to Wodify Class Reservations

    CrossFit WDM Athletes, We are excited about the increased attendance from you all coming back from quarantine. Seriously, check out these numbers based on all ofour athletes for this year. SUPER PROUD of the March, April, May numbers since we were primarily Zoom Online classes! WOW! Data Name January February March April May June July August September October Total Classes Attended 1318 1273 1091 819 945 1417 1366 1318 1368 1385 Average Attendance Per Athlete 8.7 9.6 9.0 8.1 9 13.4 11.7 12.0 12.2 11.8 Note the January and February compared to all months after May. We believe this shift has happened for ....

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  • How We Got Here and The Unknown Ahead

    How We Got Here and The Unknown Ahead Oct. 8, 2020 I find myself facing an upcoming position with a lot of questions. I've been in situations like these before and was always grateful for the turnout and experience. In 2019 I made a few attempts to reach out in a polite and professional way to the landlord. I was interested in the potential to expand our location into Wild Birds or the fencing club. I also offered to assist them with cleaning up the overgrown brush and trees behind the building since they stopped maintaining it 3 years ago. I opted to use a tenant representative broker to navigate the conversation since I wasn't having much luck getting ....

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  • March Athlete of the Month – Andrew Rowlands

    Nickname: Andrew or Andy. I’ve been called both my whole life and honestly have no preference. Age: 29 What is something people don’t know about you? I talk in accents (e.g. British, Boston, Southern, Australian) around the house far too often, which apparently for some reason annoys my wife (Kayla). How does CrossFit influence your life? It’s made me much more cognizant of health, exercise, and nutrition in a way that I’ve never been before. Having that daily goal of coming to class keeps me motivated to stay on track with my fitness goals. It also gives me something to look forward to when it’s 2:30 at work and I’m falling asleep at my ....

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  • 2020 CrossFit Open

    What is the CrossFit Games Open? The Open is the largest fitness competition on Earth and an exciting showcase of the CrossFit community. Here, athletes like you, from all around the world, show up and push themselves further than they ever thought possible over a five-week period. Challenges, PRs, and the unknown awaits. It’s all about the community and a way for you to be apart of it. Fitness is what we do – but community is what we build. Show up, step out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself. This is for all skill levels – Rx, Scaled, Teens, Masters. As well as Scaled for the ladder. What are we doing for the Open? We are doing a Intramural Open We ....

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  • Coach of the week – James Balderston

    Age: 24 What is something people don’t know about you? Over the past year I have become addicted to cooking shows and I have started trying different meals , expanding past cooking the same three chicken-based meals. On the flip side, while Ilike baking shows, I have yet to try any baking out of concern for my diet! How does CrossFit influence your life? Crossfit is what I am most passionate about out of all my interests. It provides me an outlet to destress, explore my bodies capabilities, and keep myself healthy! As well, it provided me a community that I desperately needed when I moved to Des Moines. That community has only grown in both quality and quantity over the ....

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