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Accuniq BC360 is our Body Composition Analyzer that we use to track progress with percentage of body fat, lean muscle mass, goal progress, and more!

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Accuniq Scan Guidelines

*Precaution for measurement*

The reliability of the results can be assessed by its accuracy. The “Accuracy” of the device is determined by comparing the actual body composition and the results from Body Composition Analyzer. The “Reproducibility” is determined when the device gives the identical results under the same conditions. In order to maintain the accuracy of the results, the following guidelines should be kept.

  1. Water volume increases after a meal. Therefore, measure on an empty stomach.
    • Measure 3 ~ 4 hours after a meal.
    • Avoid beverages containing caffeine or beverages functioning as diuretics 4 hours before measurement.
    • Drink 2 cups of water 2 hours before the measurement.

  2. Before measurement, the subject should be in a stable condition.
    • Measure 3 ~ 4 hours after a bath, a sauna, exercise or activity that sweats a lot.
    • Or measure before these actions.

  3. Avoid drinking alcohol 24 hours before the measurement.

  4. Wear clothes as light as possible.

  5. Once the subject is on the scale, avoid sudden movement from sitting to standing position. Body fluid goes down to the lower body and affects the results. Thus subjects should be measured after maintaining standing position for 5 minutes.

  6. Clean both the electrodes and measuring body parts.

  7. Changes in room temperature may affect the results. Measurement should be done in a temperature around 68°F.

  8. Body composition and weight varies even during a single day. Therefore, the measurement should be performed at the same time every day. For a person who stands for a long period of time during the day, it is advised to measure in the morning.

  9. Go to the bathroom before the measurement.

  10. Maintain the correct position and posture during the measurement.

*In order to keep one’s health and the balance of body composition, check the changes of body composition through continuous analysis and compare the results. Make sure that the body composition is measured under the same physical and environmental conditions. If the condition before the measurement such as volume of a meal, meal time, and activities (exercise, sauna, drinking lots of beverages, urination, etc.) are kept the same, the reproducibility of a device is obtained. Therefore, the data can be used to evaluate the change of body composition.

B.M.I. – Body Mass Index (= kg/m2 where kg is a person’s weight in kilograms and m2 is their height in metres squared)

P.B.F. – Percentage of Body Fat (body fat / body weight)

M.B.F. – Mass Body Fat (body fat in lbs)

S.L.M. – Soft Lean Mass (can be calculated by excluding the mineral found in the bones from Fat Free Mass)

S.M.M. – Skeletal Muscle Mass (These are the muscles that can be grown and developed through exercise)

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